12x12 Love Project

Chris manages operations for the 12x12 Love Project. The project exists to share the radical, life-changing love of Christ with the poor here in our community.  Through construction of homes, bathrooms and related items the Project works to eradicate desperate and dangerous living conditions in Magdalena and the surrounding villages.  The original goal of the project was to build 12 homes in 12 months. As of May 2015 the project has constructed over 175 homes!  Visit the 12x12 Love Project website here.

Project for Hope

One of the greatest needs in our community is stable work for widows and single mothers. (intro video below) Without this these families lack the resources to provide sufficient food for their children.  The project is an agricultural greenhouse project designed to meet this need; provide work at a fair wage to single mothers and widows.  With profits of this project we hope to be able to provide basic healthcare and educational assistance to these fatherless families.  Visit The Project for Hope website here.